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Fatima Dhiaa


Fatima is a teacher who is driven by the desire to develop and inspire students to overcome learning obstacles with fun and easy ways. She has an English Language B.A. and a diploma in French with two years of teaching experience. She is a cat-lover who enjoys reading and singing.

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Hassan M Al-Jarrah


Aside from teaching, Hassan is also a Programs Executive Manager at an Early Learning Center. He is experienced through various media organizations, non-profits and government, where he served as a manager, interpreter and reporter.

Maram Ameen


4 years ago I started my journey with teaching and presenting  human rights and feminism lectures through various NGOs. Teaching for me serves a higher purpose because it creates a safe involvement for my students to understand the world! 

In 2018, I became a facilitator for Penn State here in Najaf. I help create open dialogues between my students and students in America. In my class, students not only practice English, they get to talk about society. philosophy, politics and religion. We discuss common issues and try to find solutions! It is a place where borders fade and we think ourselves as global citizens.

Mariam Al-Faham


I'm an undergraduate student in the College of Education. I teach the early beginners class. I love teaching them English in the best way possible. I always have fun with them and hoping they will feel like they're home.

Meead Almasoudy


Meead is a PhD student and lecturer at Kufa and Alfurat Alawsat Technical University. She is a fine artist and a development activist. She enjoys teaching English to various levels and hopes to see her society more advanced.

Dr. Sami A. Rasouli

Founder, Executive Director

Let us widen the circle of those able to come to Iraq. This has been the idea of mine for quite some time. I am especially hopeful that young people take this rare opportunity to form contacts and foster friendships with ordinary people.

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Hasan Ali

Administrative Assistant

Hassan is a graphic designer and engineer who is well experienced through media as a television presenter, reporter and photographer.

Karam Al-Atijawi

Administrative Assistant

Here at the institute, the ideal environment for learning English and teaching methods are very different and suitable for all learners. The atmosphere is very wonderful and motivating for students to perform their abilities. We all benefit a lot from one another.



Administrative Assistant

The students are quite humble and understanding. Students deserve our extra care and attention to help them reach the next level of English proficiency. Working in a place where all people are able to talk in English provides an interesting work environment.

Ahmed Mohammed


I teach the beginner level and my major is education. I teach because, in my opinion, I can deliver honest lasting information to my students. It is better to sell education than to sell products. My students respond quickly because of the different teaching techniques I use are fun.

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Ali Haider

Teacher Assistant

Hello, my name is Ali. I lived in America for 7 years before coming here to Najaf.

I lived in Rolla, Missouri and left when I was in middle school. I help the beginner class. I love helping in the classroom, it's really cool.

Altifat Hamadi


I was born in Dearborn Michigan and came to Iraq to teach Iraqi people because it's a privilege. I love teaching because I get to connect with people's soul and teaching them the knowledge they don't already know in an American way.


Bashar Al-Muzaffar


Hello! I am 41 years old. I am married and have 3 sons. I have been teaching English for over 15 years. I enjoy teaching and giving my students the best version of me.

Dalal Fahem Mousa


Hi, I am Dalal Fahem Mousa and I teach children here at the institute! Teaching is a highly social job. You'll work as part of a team with your collegues while interacting with students each day. Teachers also have the opportunity to become an integral part of the community, getting to know families around.