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Director Sami Rasouli of the Muslim Peacemaker Teams (MPT), left Iraq at the age of 24 and wound up in Minnesota after teaching for several years in the United Arab Emirates and Germany. He drove a cab until he had enough money to buy a cafe and market he named Sinbad's. In 2001, Sami became a U.S. citizen.

After the death of family during the American invasion in 2003, he returned to Iraq for the first time after 27 years. Stunned by the destruction witnessed in his homeland, it became clear to him that he needed to return to help rebuild Iraq. In 2004, he sold his business of 14 years and left his three sons and returned to Iraq to offer his help.


American-Iraqi English for Reconciliation emerged as a project under the Muslim Peacemaker Teams (MPT) as an opportunity for Americans to visit Iraq. The idea for a Muslim Peacemaker Team developed in January of 2005 in the spirit of the Christian Peacemaker Teams (CPT) that work in Iraq. MPT is driven by principles of Peace Building and Reconciliation via a cultural exchange, mutual understanding and trust that leads to lasting friendships between ordinary Americans and ordinary Iraqis


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Ammar Sami

I am grateful for this exceptional institute and staff who I have learned a lot from. All the subjects in the classroom vary and are beneficial, especially the debates because it develops my ability to challenge the fear or anxiety of speaking.

It is worth mentioning that I am proud of the institute's founder, my teacher for her tremendous efforts and our American guests.

My greetings to you all.


Dr. Mohammed Dakhil Al-Rekabi

One of my favorite things about the institute is the friendly environment. Teachers are not only teachers but friends too. 

Teaching methods are highly interactive. I've never felt bored in any lesson. My favorite class activity is when we get to debate. Time always flies by because I am always enjoying myself.

Having a native speaker is most interesting. We are highly grateful to our guests from the United States. With your touches, notes and directions we will all succeed.


Ali Ahmed

My favorite activity in our classroom is having discussions about current news and events happening around us and the world.

We have a really great teacher. She never gets tired and always tries to make our classroom more interesting.

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