What are the requirements for participation?

The only qualifications are:

  • A desire for mutual understanding and respect.

  • An ability to converse in English, native speakers are preferred. (Knowledge of Arabic not necessary).

  • A commitment to stay a minimum of 30 days.

How much money should I prepare for?

Participants will be provided with a place to stay, meals, and transportation within Iraq. Participants will need to provide their own air tickets to and from Najaf, Iraq.

Where will I stay?

Usually, you stay with Sami. His wife, Suad, is a wonderful hostess and the food is superb. You’ll have your own room and desk for computer. His children are great fun.

What should I bring?

Pack lightly, and if you want to bring anything, bring candy or cheese or small toys for the kids. The electronic system is set up for British and European plugs. Sami has adapters for US electronics.

How should I dress?

Al Najaf is a conservative city, so women will need to wear a scarf or hijab. There are fantastic scarves you can buy in a store just down the street from the school, so bringing one or two with you is enough. Ask the young women in the class how to properly wrap a hijab. They’ll be happy to show you.

Both men and women should dress conservatively, no shorts, even when it’s hot. Sandals are fine, although most women wear closed shoes or socks when they wear sandals. So do men. Tennis shoes are just fine. Men and women can wear long pants and blouses/shirts that come down at least to cover the elbow. You are a guest in Iraq, so please respect our customs.

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