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A letter from our CEO

Dear friends,


I am attaching an article about the explosion at our school in Najaf to this letter.


We thank God that there were no deaths or injuries due to the damage caused by the explosion that targeted the American Institute of English Language Headquarters in Najaf on Thursday, September 19, 2020, at 11:45 pm.


We sincerely regret the damage to the nearby shops and the pain of their dear owners due to the targeting of our science center's building and provoking terror and anxiety in the people of Najaf, our honorable people who have never stopped supporting the school.


We thank all our brothers and sisters in Iraq and abroad for their interest and follow-up to the incident and personal messages of sympathy and generous support.


We can't point a finger at anyone, and we don't know the real motive behind the accident, but the assumption is that calling the institute ′′The American Institute′′ may upset some. The name was chosen for professional, not a politician, reasons. According to the Sister City Agreement between the cities of Najaf and Minneapolis, signed by the two cities in 2009, the Institute is to be visited by American cultural staff and experts, with the approval of the Iraqi government, for the purpose of supervising the local English teaching staffs in terms of training and encouraging them to follow modern teaching methods, especially in teaching the skills and abilities needed in conversation and correct pronunciation. Based on the Sister City Agreement, more than 20 American visitors and experts were welcomed to the school, visitors who sympathize with the Iraqi people against their government's policies directed against the rights of Arabs and Muslims in occupied Palestine and other Arab and Islamic countries.


America consists of 50 states with more than 7 million Americans of Arab descent and 8 million AmericansMuslims from Africa, India, Pakistan and other countries, and many peace-loving white Americans who trace their origins to Europe who is always protesting against anti-Arab and anti-Muslim government policies in support of Arab rights. Because of the absence of an Arab-Muslim media in American for many decades, the powerful Zionist media is dominant and is supported by money and political activism in all the facilities of the United States of America.


Any rate, MPT will continue, through the activities of the American Institute and from the depth of the city of Imam Ali, to build proper scientific and cultural relations with our brothers in humanity based on truth, trust, respect and cultural exchange.


′′People are two types: Either your brother in religion or your equal in creation′′

Imam Ali bin Abi Talib (p) 1400 years ago.


At the end:

Life goes on and nothing stays, but right.


Thank you, 

Sami A. Rasouli


P.S. Donations to the English for Reconciliation program can be sent to the: 

Twin Cities Peace Campaign, at:

3663 Park Center Blvd, Apt 1004, St. Louis Park, MN 55416, USA


They will be sent to Najaf to help in the rebuilding and continuation of this wonderful program.

October 8, 2020